A big G.A.L.A. weekend with heirlooms, clotheslines, and you.

Join G.A.L.A. next weekend for two great events that are part of the ongoing program- Sustainability in Action. First, on Friday, April 25th meet Alex Lee, Founding Director of Project Laundry List as he gives a presentation titled “Laundry: An Inconvenient Chore?” from 6-7:30 at the Brewster Pickney Boathouse. Lee’s presentation will explain the latest standing on the “Right to Dry” bill (S.41) and share how his organization combines words, images, and advocacy to raise awareness about how simple lifestyle modifications, including air-drying one’s clothes, reduce our dependence on environmentally and culturally costly energy sources. Attendees will have a chance at the end of the presentation to register for a free clothesline installation of their choice – umbrella, pulley, or standard.

Lee’s presentation is part of a youth-driven, community-service, climate-action project – Raise a Rope for Climate Hope that G.A.L.A. has developed in collaboration with local youth groups including Kingswood & Kids, Kingswood Youth Center, and the Brewster Environmental Club. These local youth groups will join thousands of others across the country who are taking action on behalf of the climate for Global Youth Service Action Day on April 25th.. Funding for this national youth-driven initiative is provided by Youth Service America’s Red, White, & Green grant and Disney Minnie Grant.

Next, on Saturday, April 26th from 9-11am join Bill Stockman at Spider Web Gardens for an heirloom vegetable workshop. Come get your hands dirty transplanting heirloom vegetable seeds and learn the difference between Jetstars, Early Girls, Supersonics, Romas – all heirloom tomato seeds! Each participant will leave the workshop with three-dozen seedlings and the skills necessary to start their own garden. Registration is on a first come first serve basis. Call 569-5252 to register.