Community Events & Enrichment

Community Events & Enrichment

G.A.L.A. believes that offering enriching community events and programs is an integral part of our role to support regional economic development, prepare people to thrive in a changing economy, build social capital and sense of community, and generate sustainable local solutions.

These events and programs provide opportunities for people to connect and network, to develop and share their gifts and skills in ways that build a culture of innovation, collaboration, and agency, and join hands in keeping their communities beautiful and vibrant.

Information on these events and programs is posted on the G.A.L.A. Calendar of Events and Blog Archives (to your right), and also listed on Facebook as they are scheduled.  We are ALWAYS in need of volunteers to help us with the events and programs… so if you’d like to be part of the team that’s bringing sustainable change into communities and people’s lives, give us a “holla” at the office on 603-569-1500.

With the focus and priority (not to mention resources!) just now on the creation of the G.A.L.A. Community Makerspace, our events and programs  are for the most part on hold. We will post news about upcoming events and programs on our Facebook page and website Calendar of Events.

Historically, G.A.L.A.’s most popular events and programs include:


GALAvanting is designed to promote and encourage learning, teaching, and telling the stories behind sustainable community building. “GALAvanters” arrange carpools and caravans to nearby events and learning opportunities related to sustainability. GALAvanting destinations may include educational film screenings, sustainability related workshops, winter farmers’ markets, legislative hearings, or any other educational or community building activity.

Wolfeboro Area Farmers’ Market
G.A.L.A. occasionally has a booth week at the Wolfeboro Area Farmers’ Market (WAFM) where folks come come hear more about our work, enjoy a pedal-powered smoothie and meet some of our most awesome volunteers. The market takes place at Clark Park on South Main Street (across from Huggins Hospital) every Thursday between 12:30pm and 4:30 pm between June and October, and in the First Congregational Church the first and third Saturday  (10am to 2pm)  over the winter months.

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