Study Circles, Workshops, and Meetups


Study Circles are a great way to come together with other community members in an informal, yet inquisitive, atmosphere to deeply explore issues of social and environmental concern. The discussion courses provide an enjoyable, supportive setting in which to examine personal values and habits, engage in stimulating conversation, create meaningful community, and consider ways to take action towards creating a more sustainable future. The discussion course books are manuals for a self-facilitated course experience, taken informally by small groups in a home, at your workplace, your center of faith or, any place where people naturally gather. There is no outside presenter or teacher of these discussion courses. Rather, anyone can organize a group in their community with the role of facilitator rotating with each meeting. These discussion courses emphasize individual responsibility, the importance of a supportive community, and the dual need to walk lightly on and to take action on behalf of the Earth. G.A.L.A. hosts ongoing Study Circles based on courses from the Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI). Check out the G.A.L.A. Calendar of Events for the current Study Circle schedule.

Starting a Study Circle with your Community

There are currently nine differently themed courses and discussion guides: Hungry For Change; Choices for Sustainable Living; Menu For The Future; A World of Health; Voluntary Simplicity; Sustainable Systems at Work; Global Warming Changing Course;  Discovering a Sense of Place; and Reconnecting with Earth. As a sister organization to NWEI, and the New Hampshire point of contact, G.A.L.A. can help your group get a Study Circle up and running by providing guidance, advice, assistance with press releases and promotional materials etc. GALA 2014 Course Organizer’s Guide  Please note: The course reading materials are a mandatory part of the course.


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Currently Discovering a Sense of Place must be ordered at G.A.L.A (603) 539-6460 or at as NWEI is out of stock.     GALA Discover     Health2     Hungry2     Menu2     Reconnect2     Voluntary2sustain


“Thought provoking, enjoyable. Anxious to implement all the ideas that were shared.” – Mary Beth Bryant “These workshops provide an apolitical forum to discuss environmentally and socially responsible ideas and values that can practically be implemented into an individual’s of a community.” – Elissa Paquette “The context of the study circle reinforced our beliefs in simplifying our lives, in creating and maintaining connections with others, and in appreciating the nature around us.” – Barbara Laverick “The discussions were thought provoking. I enjoyed being with others who had similar interests. Very reinforcing.” – Pat Foley


A monthly workshop series includes demonstrations on food preservation and storage, whole-foods cooking, gardening and farming, basket weaving, candle making, plant and wildlife identification, natural healing, shelter-building and other cottage industry and New England living skills. Check out the G.A.L.A. calendar of events, Facebook page,  or sign up for the Newsletter to keep posted on workshop dates, times and venues.


Informative and provocative films that invite debate and discussion on issues relating to sustainability, and environmental and social justice.  Check out the G.A.L.A. calendar of events, Facebook page,  or sign up for the Newsletter to keep posted on screening dates, times and venues.  We welcome suggestions from you on films to host!


Thirteen “G.A.L.A. Graduates” complete a 72-80 hour Permaculture Design Course (PDC) during the winter of 2013.  The class was taught by Steve Whitman, a professional planner and certified Permaculture Designer, and Lauren Chase Rowell, a 30 year practitioner of earth-centered living, nutrient-dense farming, and small foot-print practices.  Check out some photos from the class HERE.  Please give us a call on 603-539-6460 for more about the next PDC course.    What is Permaculture?


The “GALAvanters” were formed to promote and encourage learning, teaching, and telling the stories behind sustainable community building. “GALAvanters” arrange carpools and caravans to local and regional learning opportunities such as educational film screenings or lectures, sustainability related seminars, etc. GALAvanters also create local learning opportunities by sharing their own sustainability tricks and trades. GALAvanters share their experience and new insights from “GALAvants” through blogs and other means of storytelling.  Check out the G.A.L.A. calendar of events, Facebook page,  or sign up for the Newsletter to keep posted on GALAvant dates, times and venues.  Or, let us know if you have an idea for one!

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