When Gleaning Leads to Giving


Dear G.A.L.A. Community,


Picking 600lbs of produce for the food pantry
G.A.L.A. Gleaners help pick 600lbs of fresh produce for the Wolfeboro Food Pantry

We were in the field together, about 12 of us, in late September harvesting squash.  We took turns lugging big boxes back to the truck, brimming with delicata, acorn, butternut, hubbard, and other winter squash varieties.  I remember a moment when everyone stopped what he or she were doing to watch a flock of geese fly south overhead in formation. We were working hard, but it didn’t feel like work.


Maybe it was because there was something special about this harvest –It was not for us.  It  was destined to end up in the hands  of those who  may not otherwise be able to afford the extra costs often associated with these local harvest treats.  We were gleaning from Sherman Farms for the Wolfeboro Food Pantry.  We like to go by the “G.A.L.A. Gleaners.”  Last year alone G.A.L.A. Gleaners harvested over 600lbs of fresh produce for the pantry members.


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We don't stop at learning why you should compost; we build you a compost bin.
We don’t stop at learning why you should compost; we build you a compost bin.

Gleaning is just one of the many ways G.A.L.A. translates sustainability education into action.  We don’t stop at learning why you should compost; we build you a compost bin.  We don’t stop at learning why you should hang-dry clothes to save energy; we build you a clothesline.   We don’t leave you lingering with reasons of why you should conserve and protect groundwater; we install you a rain barrel.


And if you want, we will partner with the Kingswood Youth Center who will make your rain barrel the most colorful on the block.  Because that’s also what we do best – facilitate community collaboration.  This year alone G.A.L.A. collaborated with over 100 organizations to make possible two outstanding eventsWolfeboro Area Earth Week and Farm to Table Feast.  Both events demonstrated what is possible when community members come together around a common goal and vision.


As we wrap up 2010, we are aiming to bring you together, the G.A.L.A. Community, to achieve one of our most important common goals – raise enough money to keep the G.A.L.A. momentum growing and sustainability work alive.


As a small nonprofit, we depend entirely on the financial contributions from people like you.  Your donation keeps our programs and events affordable, our office open, and our operations efficient.  No gift is too small or too large.


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Write a check payable to “G.A.L.A.” and mail to
PO Box 2267, Wolfeboro, NH 038945.


Remember, all donations are tax deductible.


Thank you, so much, for your generosity and support.


Josh Arnold


G.A.L.A., Executive Director




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And yes, as you may have heard, this year’s Holiday Giving Campaign has a special twist.  By donating you get to vote which one of three ridiculous acts Josh will have to do if we meet our goal of $2,500.   It is a close race as of today, so make your vote count!


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