Wolfeboro-Area Earth Week Planning Begins. Volunteers Needed!

Earth Day Planning

Last Thursday, several people got together at the Brewster Pickney Boathouse to participate in G.A.L.A.’s second “Wolfeboro-Area Earth Week Celebration” planning meeting. In recognition of this year’s 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, G.A.L.A. is working with community leaders to plan a week of educational and service activities during April 17th-24th. The goal of the event is to leverage visibility and support for area environmental and civic organizations, as well as beginning a dialog between these groups for future collaborative efforts.


Three working groups to carry out responsibilities leading to and during Earth Week were established at last Thursdays meeting –


1. Earth Week Kick-Off Expo Committee
2. Each Week Activities Committee
3. Earth Week Finale / Cleanup Day Committee


On Saturday, April 17th, Wolfeboro-Area Earth Week will kickoff with an Expo/Fair, location TBD. The purpose of the Eco/Fair will be to highlight area environmental/civic initiatives with booth displays, recruit volunteers for service projects that will be taking place throughout the week, and create an ad-hoc “green marketplace.” Further ideas include having games, an eco/recyclable craft station, and live music. If you are interested volunteering with the Earth Week Kickoff Committee contact Jackie Witham by emailing jwithamd@gmail.com or call 603.731.9570.


The kickoff fair is just the beginning! Throughout the week the public will be invited to participate in various environmentally oriented educational and community service projects including “Hang Out Day” on Tuesday, April, 19th in support of using clotheslines instead of energy-intensive drying machines, a “Green Do-It-Yourself” workshop series where people will make recycled T-shirt tote bags, newspaper seed-starters pots, and other eco-handy crafts, a guided hike for people to enjoy the sings of spring and learn about local ecology, a tour of local transfer stations with a recycling myth-buster spin, and a community service project to prepare the 2010 Wolfeboro Food Pantry Garden. If you are interested in volunteering for one of these projects or have new ideas of your own, contact Josh Arnold at josh@galacommunity.org.


The Wolfeboro Area Earth Week will conclude with a town-wide cleanup day organized by Adam Tasker of Wolfeboro Transfer Station. Just as in year’s past, the public will be invited to participate in Wolfeboro’s spring cleaning by picking up litter along the roadsides. With enough participants, Wolfeboro will be eligible to receive several lilac bushes as part of the NH The Beautiful Project. If you are interested in helping with Wolfeboro Cleanup Day and logistics for the BBQ that will follow, please contact Susan Fuller by emailing sfuller5277@yahoo.com.


There is opportunity for everyone to participate. You can give a presentation about your initiative, provide a venue for another group’s presentation, help or host a community service project, help with logistical tasks for Wolfeboro Cleanup Day and BBQ, or a number of other related projects. The ‘environment’ does not have to be central to your group’s mission in order to participate.


After reviewing the tentative week’s plans, the group began a brainstorm about a theme for the Wolfeboro-Area Earth Week. The idea of “unplugged” came up as a hip catch-all that can be in reference to unplugging from the excessive digital world (TV-Turnoff Week also falls on these dates so there may be a nice overlap), as well as the energy saving aspects of unplugging appliances, etc. It was suggested, however, to have a further play on words whereby one “unplugs” but “powers up” through sources of sun power, pedal power, people power, etc. We wanted something that indicated being not just “unplugged from society, but also reconnecting with your community and environment can be energizing. How about “Revive and Unplug”?


Please join G.A.L.A. plan a memorable Earth Day 40th Anniversary. For more info, email Susan Fuller – sfuller5277@yahoo.com.


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