Wolfeboro Composts!

G.A.L.A. is please to share the news that the Wolfeboro Solid Waste facility now composts!!  This is a great addition to our local services considering that an average of 1/3 of household “trash” is actually compostable!  Thanks to the leadership from our pro-recycling advocate Adam Tasker, who has been recognized by the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) on numerous occasions for his exemplary recycling achievements, Wolfeboro is now positioned to reduce its disposable waste stream even further through this composting effort, but only with your participation!  If that wasn’t convincing enough, this should help – the finished compost product (after aging and mixing with managed yard clippings ) is planned to be used by the Wolfeboro Food Pantry Garden, properly completing the cycle.

The “pilot program”, as it is being called, will accept all vegetable and fruit scraps including salad greens, veggie & fruit peelings, coffee grounds & filters, egg shells, bread, and other baked goods.  It will NOT accept meats, dairy, animal fats, or oils.

Many of you already compost in your own backyards, and if so you shouldn’t stop!  For others, however, various factors either prohibit or make backyard composting unfavorable, in which case this new program is the perfect solution!  Come March, G.A.L.A. will be selling kitchen pails to keep by your sink for your very own composting convenience.  Once the pail fills any five gallon bucket will suffice to store your compost outside or in a garage until it’s time to go to the dump.  One tip we have found helpful is to keep a pile of shredded newspaper, shredded leaves, or wood chips nearby your compost bucket and add a little each time you add your food scraps.  This will help soften any smells that may occur.

So that’s it! Be sure that your next visit to the Wolfeboro Solid Waste facility includes compost!  And if you see Adam and is crew be sure to thank them for taking this important step to help reduce waste and restore our environment.

*Fun Fact: Did you know that our first four presidents of the United States – George Washington,  John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison – were all utterly obsessed with manure and recipes for compost?  Adams even jumped into a stinking pile when he was America’s first “minister plenipotentiary” to Britain in London in 1786.  Teasing apart the straw from the dung (clearly not minding the muck on his hands), he declared with glee that it was “not equal to mine.”

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