Wolfeboro & Ossipee Town-Wide Cleanup – May 7th, 2011

Anyone can participate in this year's Clean-Up!

Anyone can participate in this year’s clean-up!

This Saturday, May 7th, 2011 neighbors will spill out of their homes to happily greet one another in the streets, where they will join together to fulfill a common goal – the beautification of their town.  While decked with gloves and plenty of plastic bags, teams of families, students, and friends will rid the town of Wolfeboro of its litter in preparation for the onrush of sunnier weather.  The Wolfeboro Curbside Cleanup happens just once a year, but on that day hundreds of pounds of litter will be collected, sorted, and brought to its final resting place.

To participate in Wolfeboro Curbside Cleanup, one only needs to go to the Wolfeboro Town Garage at 47 Pine Hill Rd. from 9 to noon to receive gloves, water (please bring your reusable water bottle), bags, an optional face painting, and a street assignment. The Wolfeboro Town Garage will also be open that day for Free TV & Computer Monitor Disposal.  Old TV’s and computer monitors no longer useable will be brought to a socially responsible recycling facility where chemically laced parts will not be shipped to China.

At the end of the day, the dedicated crew at the Wolfeboro Town Garage will collect bags of litter on each street that was assigned a cleanup team, making registration an important first step for participants. Once all trash has been collected, the hard-working Wolfeboro Town Garage crew will arduously go through each bag to sort out glasses, cans, and other materials that can be recycled into new things.

Everyone who participated in the Curbside Cleanup will be rewarded with a free celebration at Cate Park for their victorious efforts.  Delicious pizza will be generously donated by Wolfe City Brick Oven Pizza and foot-stomping music from members of The Folk Cellar. This opportunity to be recognized for the care and goodwill of volunteer street teams will occur from 12:30-2:00.

Wolfeboro Curbside Cleanup is being organized by Global Awareness Local Action (G.A.L.A.) as part of a larger, “NH No Impact Week”, an 8-day challenge to systematically take personal actions that are good for the planet and good for people. Registrants to NH No Impact Week have so far reduced the amount of trash they produce, found ways to commute using fewer fossil fuels, incorporated more local foods into their diet, and are today working on using less electricity. For Saturday’s “Give Back Day”, many registrants will also hit the streets to help out in the Curbside Cleanup.

More information about NH No Impact Week or the Curbside Cleanup can be found at www.galacommunity.org.  Questions about TV and computer monitor disposal can be answered by the Wolfeboro Town Garage at 569-1273.  For any additional questions, contact Aislinn at 539-6460 or email Aislinn@galacommunity.org.